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Find your way and discover new ones

No more getting lost while riding

Hammerhead is a smart tool that effortlessly guides cyclists through the safest and most enjoyable bike routes with intuitive light patterns. Get the information that you need through the corner of  your eye and keep your eyes safely on the road.


no more getting lost
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Hammerhead App

Hammerhead One pairs with our app to show you the safest and most enjoyable way to get anywhere on a bike.

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The perfect ride

Hammerhead One guides you while your phone is safely out of the way.

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Hammerhead Route Types

Discover new routes

Our sophisticated mapping software is built just for bikers.

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Mobile app screens

Navigation optimized for bicycling

Use our free App even if you don’t have our device. Available for iOS & Android.

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Extended Battery Life

We designed Hammerhead One with long rides in mind. Our battery enables more than 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Eyes on Road

Keep your eyes on the road & let Hammerhead One guide you along your route with its intuitive display visible through your peripheral vision 

Bluetooth Low Energy

With Bluetooth Low Energy, Hammerhead One has minimal battery drain on your smartphone, giving you hours of effortless navigation.


Hammerhead One is built to take on the heaviest rain and roughest trails. Anywhere you can ride a bike, you can use Hammerhead One.

Daylight Visibility

Hammerhead One is effortlessly visible in all weather conditions – even in direct sunlight! No matter what, our lights are there to guide you.

Universal Bracket

Our universal bracket makes Hammerhead One at home on any bicycle. Adaptors will connect to standard Garmin twist-lock brackets.


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